Science Fiction
 A scientist discovers a chemical formula that allows him access to all knowledge left behind from when Adam bit into the Apple from the Tree  of Knowledge. What would you do with all that knowledge?

Short Stories

Adriana Pridemore​
A snippet from a prisoners last days. This was a stream of consciousness exercise from a long time ago.

​​​​​​Just a Little Nap​

​Science Fiction

Six passengers board a planet hopper to Mars. It should be a quiet routine trip but the shuttle glides through a spacial anomaly. Suddenly they have to deal with chickens and a raging monster loose on the shuttle. Will they make it to Mars alive?

Mr. Kyle travels for work and is headed home. Tired from driving for 22 hours straight, he makes the biggest mistake of his life when he hits a bump in the road.

Flaming Fang

​Urban Fantasy

A campy, fun, vampire short. Troy, an aspiring hairstylist, interviews for a new position with Rosario, the owner of the Flaming Fang Salon. With red lace, black, chrome, and cat fights, Flaming Fang isn't quite what he was expecting.