Adriana Pridemore​


      When I was eleven years old I wrote my first Fantasy story about robots and unicorns on an archaic typewriter. There was nothing like the clicking sound of those keys and the ding of the bell as I moved to a new line creating an entire world just using the power of my mind...well and my fingers.

      I've since moved on to bigger and brighter or sometimes darker things. I've had poems included in several anthologies and won essay contests. I even ventured into the strange world of newspaper reporting for a small daily paper in Sterling, CO. Although I realized pretty fast that I was not cut out for reality press. 

      So I looked for guidance and found it at Long Ridge Writers Group. Under the tutelage of Mary Rosenblum, an award winning author of Science Fiction and Mystery novels and much more, I learned how to hone my craft. I know that I have a lot to learn yet but that is what life is for right? I have since written Fantasy and Science Fiction novels and short stories as fast as my mind spits them out. 

      Now I live in beautiful Conrad, MT with my wonderful husband, two children and one very fuzzy feline who thinks she can type better than me. Between busy school schedules and arguing typing techniques with the feline queen I attempt to find the time to make those worlds appear again this time on the computer, although I miss the clicking and the ding.